Premium Lifestyle Mix

THRIVE Lifestyle Mix Single Serve Pouch Cinnamon Pumpkin Spice Front

Premium Lifestyle Mix

THRIVE Proprietary Blend Biotin Calcium

  • A gluten free, ultra micronized, nutrient and mineral dense formula
  • A blend of antioxidants & extracts
  • Designed to support lean muscle, and weight management or fitness.

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16 Packets / 1 Serving Per Packet
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Choose your favorite mix or switch it up with the 4-Flavor Variety Pack.


THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix Vanilla
THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix Chocolate
THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix Strawberry
THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix Apple Pie
THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix Candy Cane
THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix Salted Caramel
THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix Fudge Brownie
THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix Snickerdoodle
THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Variety Pack
THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Chocolate Covered Strawberry
THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Cinnamon Pumpkin Spice
THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Jingle & Ginger Bread
THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Holiday Eggnog Mustache
THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Cookies & Cream


THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix Vegan Vanilla
THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix Vegan Chocolate
THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Mix Vegan Strawberry
Product Overview

The THRIVE Experience is an innovative, yet simple 3-step system designed to help you reach peak physical and mental health & wellness levels. Premium Lifestyle Mix = Your Step 2 of every day.

Revive your body each & every morning with our Lifestyle Mix - a gluten-free protein shake full of nutrients, antioxidants and minerals. It’s ultra-micronized, meaning that it’s broken into very, very fine particles to deliver maximum absorption into the body and contribute to lean muscle support, weight management and fitness support.

You will adore our delicious & unique flavors, and your body & mind will appreciate the benefits.

How to Use

Mix or blend one packet with at least 8-10 oz. of water or milk. May blend with ice and fruit if smoothie is desired. For best results, drink in the morning 20-40 minutes after taking THRIVE Premium Lifestyle Capsules. For weight management, drink as a meal replacement for breakfast or lunch. For fitness or athletics, drink 40 minutes before or after exercise. Keep out of heat.

To follow the THRIVE Experience properly & receive all the benefits, drink your (Step 2) Premium Lifestyle Mix after taking your (Step 1) Premium Lifestyle Capsules and finally, apply your (Step 3) DFT to clean, dry skin.

Premium Grade Ingredients
Gluten Free
Naturally Derived Ingredients
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